What Are The Features Of Viral Launch Alternative?

posted on 20, March, 21 12:00

If you are not familiar with Viral Launch Alternative, then this article will help you get a better understanding of the product. It has been put together with the intention of introducing it to the general public. In order to understand the product fully, you will need to read all the way through so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Viral marketing is similar to other forms of marketing in that it is a marketing campaign that aims to increase traffic to your website. In fact, Viral Launch Alternative offers a cost effective approach to marketing on the Internet as it does not require the expense of costly advertising or creating special promos.

What Viral Launch Alternative does is create 'bridges' between your visitors and your landing pages. This is accomplished by automatically inserting a link at the top of each page. The concept behind this method is that it takes away the need for your users to manually submit their landing pages to various directories.

What makes Viral Launch Alternative unique is that it contains an integrated PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Unlike other PPC programs that offer only a static or automatic campaign, Viral Launch Alternative offers a full-featured PPC campaign. In addition, it contains both paid and free promotion options.

The site boasts an interactive dashboard that allows you to easily control every aspect of the marketing process. This offers you greater flexibility and allows you to manage your campaigns from the same interface. To avoid getting lost in the features of the Viral Launch Alternative software, here are some features that the product provides.

It provides you with four different kinds of campaigns. These include:

The first one is called 'Paths', which refers to how it searches out your visitors and opts them into your campaign. In fact, when your visitor clicks on the 'Path' link that is placed on your landing page, Viral Launch Alternative identifies which of the five options your visitor selects.

It then presents him with the opt-in form that he can fill out. Once the visitor fills out the form, Viral Launch Alternative instructs the information to be sent to the company that created the Viral Launch Alternative campaign.

The second campaign type is called 'Auto Submission', which is an autopilot campaign. Here, the Viral Launch Alternative software identifies which opt-in form the visitor fills out.

Then, it automatically submits the selected opt-in form to the Viral Launch Alternative campaign. Once the visitor submits the form, the Auto Submission campaign sends the data to the company that created the Viral Launch Alternative.

Then, there is the 'Set Up Campaign', which involves customizing the banner that is to be included in the Viral Launch Alternative campaign. You can also change the advertisement text, color, and image.

Finally, there is the 'Viral Bounce Rate', which refers to the percentage of people who actually click on the Viral Launch Alternative landing page and then do not go on to buy. However, you can improve this percentage by including videos, RSS feeds, and more.


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